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Garlic Dude NO SALT Seasoning Collection

Special Blend with Garlic Seasoning 5 oz $8.98  Italian herbs & seasoning with... 

Garlic Dude Dust Seasoning 7 % Salt #1 Seller

Extremely LOW salt  Garlic Dude Dust is the best selling item in... 

  • Hot Sauce Shack

    Over 327 hot sauces to choose from in The Hot Sauce Shack at The Garlic Shoppe. Try our own brand PSYCHO with garlic, jalapeno, habanero & molasses.

    Top Shelf 9 to 10+++

    2nd shelf 9 to 7

    3rd shelf 4 to 6

    4th shelf 5 to 1

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  • You can get some of the magic of Gilroy Garlic right from this online store. Better yet take a drive and come see us in person at the big red barn at the corner of Highways 101 & Highway 25 just south of Gilroy 95020

    We are located at

    4310 Monterey Highway

    Gilroy CA 95020

    Location & Directions Click Here 
  • Vintage Garlic Lovers Cookbooks By Gilroy Garlic Festival

    Only $2.90 to ship a cookbook by USPS Media Mail 2-8 days arrival

    Garlic Lovers Cookbook Hard $21.98

    Garlic Lovers Cookbook Soft $15.98

    Garlic Lovers Cookbook 11 Soft $15.98

    Garlic Lovers 11 Revised Soft $15.98

    Garlic Lovers Cookbook Spiral $18.98

    Garlic Lovers Cookbook 11 $18.98

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  • Planting Garlic

    Gilroy Garlic can be planted. Break the heads or bulbs apart into cloves. Plant each one about 2 inches deep and about 4 inches apart. They need to be planted in the fall so they can set with the cold weater just like anyother underground bulb like a tulip.They wil be ready to harvest in July or August. Pull up, let cure in the sun for two weeks, and then braid and eat. Leave the stalks on and your garlic will last 6 to 9 months.

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