Collection: Garlic Dude Gilroy Garlic Dehydrated Every Which Way Collection

NO SALT    NO PRESERVATIVES   Garlic Flakes 12 oz 24.98 Gilroy Garlic which has been sliced thinly and then dehydrated for use in stir fry, saute, soups, stews and even vegetables.  Great for salads as a garlicky crunch at the last moment.

Roasted Garlic Bits 5 oz $8.98 Garlic which has been cubed then roasted for that slightly carmelized crunchy sweet toasted roasted flavor. Use in place of regular garlic a change of pace.

Garlic Nuggets 5 oz $8.98 Gilroy Garlic cubed just like you cut it with a knife yourself.Safe time and effort.  

All these will rehydrate and become like fresh garlic but with a concentrated garlic flavor.