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FRESH GILROY GARLIC braids @The Garlic Shoppe in Gilroy California USA. The Hot Sauce Shack has over 327 hot sauces, bbq & wing sauces+ salsas Our own brands Garlic Dude Dust seasoning+sauces.PSYCHO is our take on garlicky hot sauce & salsa with jalapeno,habanero& molasses.Christopher Ranch loose garlic, jarred garlic & other veggies. Local The Pepper Plant hot sauces available here. Garlic Festival Foods pickled garlic, olives, mustards and more. Lane Farms provides beautiful garlic braids in 3 lengths and weights. Garlic ice cream Recipe by Alex Larson Chef & Partner of The Garlic Shoppe made by Mariannes Ice Cream In Santa Cruz CA in cups of chocolate & vanilla.